Is Downtown Bridgeport the Next Place I Call Home?

Did you know Downtown Bridgeport is fast becoming one of Connecticut’s favorite dining destinations! This wonderful experience brings a unique culinary adventure by savoring the authentic fare from Portugal, Italy, France and Asian.  This a very affordable trip around the world without leaving home. From a fast bite, full of flavor to a leisurely dinner complete with sumptuous dessert, your dining decision has just become difficult!.

Aside from the food, Downtown Bridgeport has a steady growing interest for new homebuyers.  You can click HERE to see what’s available in the immediate proximity.

A long-running plan to revitalize the area fell apart following the national housing market collapse of 2007. But today, city officials say the time has finally arrived for a new beginning in what they call Downtown North.  This revitalization is a very exciting time for the city of Bridgeport CT, and is definitely adding value to the vicinity.

Bridgeport CT Downtown
Bridgeport CT Downtown

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